Thursday, April 05, 2007

The country of complaints has even a choir for complaining ;)

Recently I found this brilliant song by Helsinki Complaints Choir, which presents finnishness well.
In Finland, people are constantly complaining about everything as like it would be programmed into they heads, (summer is too hot, winter is too cold...) even thou they aren't meaning to be too pessimistic, it is kind of habit.....
It is every one's own choice to complain or not, and also, one can choose one's company... - I rather spend my time with positive people.. ;)

Ah well, by writing about complaining Finns that I dislike, I am basically complaining....... heh!
- so that means that I am after all typical finnnn (complaining about complaining)..

I wish positive day for Everyone!!!

see the video click below(English subtitles):

check the "Complaints Choirs Worldwide" website: , now the complaining is spreading all over the world, Birmingham, Hamburg, St.Petersburg, Poikkilaakso, Bodø.....



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