Monday, June 04, 2007

Kick the habit .. hobbit / smoke ban

The first of June Iceland and Finland alongside many other countries stepped in to smoke free coffee and restaurant culture.
Due this enforced new law I decided to gig my smoking habit from the same day when the law started.

I have been smoking more or less 18 years now and I haven't really tried to stop during these years but now I decided to give a go. When I am writing this, it is already 4th smoke free days.

Day 1: graving level 10, irritation level 9, tickling sensations around body . Action: A long walk by the sea and photographing landing airplanes in storm with Holga camera, multible exposure. Loads of vine at nite.

Day 2: graving level 9,5, irritation level 10, joints are aching, feels like worms are travelling around under my skin. Action: A long walk 6 - 8 km with cameras, Movies: Spiderman 3 [shait movie, do not watch, thanks for H&H for free tickets], bars and beer.

Day 3 graving level 7, irritation level 6, my feet are tickling and I have decided to go for foot massage as soon as possible. Action: "movies 28 weeks", brilliant movie!, buying whale meat (smoked and frozen), enjoying Fishermen's days activities at Reykjavik's harbour.

Day 4 (morning) graving level 5, irritation level 4... - so it's getting better!! :)

I'd decided to take it day by day, so I am already winner 'cos 3 whole days without smoking. Hmm.. well, this has a side effect, I have started to drink loads of red vine to forget the cigarette graving... Anyhow, I am pleased of this experience so far and I feel that my body loves it too.. (but still I would love to have one smoke some day...... hee...)

[series of these pictures are from my bathroom, I was emptying my trainers from fine sand into to bath top and I got an inspiration.... ;) ..]

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At 11:35 am, Blogger Baldvin Kári said...

Haha, I guess it really is hard to stop smoking. Good luck! :)

At 1:23 pm, Blogger Aleksur said...

Thanks mate, so far it has been easier than I thought ;) - haven't kill anybody yet...

At 7:30 pm, Blogger Ansku said...

Good for you, bro. Etkä oo edes vielä tappanut ketään? Hyvinhän homma sitten sujuu!

Kannustusjoukot hurraavat ja tekevät aaltoja Keski-Suomessa! :-)

At 12:42 am, Blogger Aleksur said...

Jeh, definately good.. takk 4 support dear sis. lisää aaAaaltoja :)


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