Monday, August 18, 2008

International Lighthouse day 17.08.08 Sälgrund

Yesterday was the international lighthouse day and I visited Sälgrund lighthouse in Kaskö. They had open day for public and during the day more than 700 people visited. To get there first had to drive Kaskö's fish harbour and from there with a small boats (7-15 persons) to Sälgrund.

Due the public interest they ran out of the fish soup that I was dreaming to taste but luckily there was left salmon bakes and pancakes. :) The day was excellent, weather was perfect to take photographs and it didn't rain.

The south western point of Sälgrund.


At 4:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taisi olla kesän mieleenpainuvin retki! Kivoja kuvia! EvaMaria

At 3:39 pm, Blogger Ansku said...

Oltaspa voitu olla mukana!

At 10:11 am, Blogger erikstifjell said...

Hey Aleksi!

That's a fantastic picture of your parents!!!


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