Saturday, April 22, 2006

Exploring Photographing / Auroras Borealis

Just a little more than year ago I got my sister's old Pentax Camera with good optics on loan (till her daughter gets old enough to start using it). During this time I have taken hundreds of photos exploring how the camera works and how I can play with all different functions. - I cannot believe that I have managed to live without a good camera for so many years, just using shitty 40 pounds (IRL) camera, thou, managed to take few funny pics with that also.
I heard that it is difficult to catch an image of Northern lights on film. One night here was a fantastic Auroras in Northern sky and I ran home to catch my camera, when I was ready with the camera the Auroras.. were almost disappeared but still enough left to try catch on a film. And the result is not so bad at all, despite the slight movement what happened during the long exposing time. - what I learned from this, never believe before you have tried by your self! :)


At 4:10 pm, Blogger toti said...

hi, aleksi. you have at least one fan :) nice pics!
ciao bello

At 10:31 am, Blogger tótla said...

WOW, beautiful photos... I get homesick...almost. Happen to be in beautiful Great Barrier Reef at the moment myself so I don't suffer too much from homesickness...hehehe...


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