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Hey, Indy! Pyramids in Europe..

I found interesting web site, It is about pyramids in Bosnia recently found. They have started excavation in April and it will be exciting to see what new it brings into our history. There is not much evidences or commonly agreed proofs about pre Iceage (high) civilizations in Europe, also biblical view of history only states that the whole civilization is no more than apr. 7000 years old.
If this founding will be older than 12.000 years, as they speculate, it might change the view of our history, we'll see.
They claim also that those pyramids are even bigger than Egyptian or American, juhuu!

To follow are extracts from the official reports into the excavations at the first known pyramid in Europe, Visocica. The report is provided by Semir Osmanagić

The author of the report is geologist Nadija Nukić, an expert with 25 years experience working as a geologist throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The reports says:

- The shape of Visocica Hill is consistent with that of a pyramid, having four identical sides, with the exception of the front side which accesses a plateau. Nature does not make correct geometrical shapes like this and the rocks could not have been formed in this pattern by natural forces
- Three excavations have taken place at the described location. These ascertained that there is a consistent pattern up the side of the pyramid; an angled side followed by a flat horizontal section of 2.5m, like a stair, which continues to the apex of Visocica Hill

Superficial digging has confirmed that the contours of the blocks have specific geometrical shapes. By cleaning these blocks we can see that all these blocks are layered on each other with each block set slightly indented to the one below.

It is interesting that the blocks are covered with moss and so remain intact. Two blocks were discovered during the excavation we carried out and we can clearly see the sides of the two blocks and the area where they were joined together. We have done more cleaning on these joints and found that the sides between the joins are very finely ground.

On location at the second area of excavation we noticed the appearance of sanded blocks and these blocks are set in an orderly pattern across this area. One of the blocks was excavated from a depth of 1.7m. It was found to have
circular patterns which will be analysed further; it is thought that they are man made.

The length and size of the third excavation is 9.3m x 9.8m and we can conclude from previous excavations that the plateau is most probably completely covered with these blocks. These blocks do not have the appearance of stairs but follow the angle of the hill. By looking closely at these blocks we can see that they are man made. We can therefore conclude that all these blocks have been cut into the required dimensions to create this structure.

We can conclude, from all these factors, the hypothesis that the Visocica Hill is a colossal stone structure - a pyramid. The walls of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun are made from precut blocks which have been moved to this location. The access plateau is of monumental dimensions (around 15,000 sqm) and is paved with cut stone slabs.

One of the websites of this founding ( has a forum were people are talking about this and comments are unbelievable, twisted by hate between people in that region, it gets really childish and ridiculous. Check it out: under title: How old are the bosnian pyramids. or directly:

I have developed my own theory about old civilizations influenced by history programmes (BBC) and articles... (can't remember names..):

Due the melting of ice by end of the last iceage 12000 years ago the sea level increased dramatically. Therefore, most of the important cultural centres were flooded and buried under waters because the civilizations were mostly developped by sea or river where the soil were fertile for crowing crops, etc.., causing that the culture and heritage of their civilizations were lost due the impossibility to protect it from nature's powers.
As we see at the present, most of the biggest and most important cultural centres (like New York, Reykjavik, Helsinki, Stockholm, Singapore, London, Venice...) are by the sea and waters because accessibility by waters (sea trading). If the tendency of melting icecaps continues we are facing a huge problem to protect our cultural centres by waters as they faced in the past. - is history repeating itself?

I argue that the biblical flood and Atlantis myth are based on true according findings of underwater structures which are claimed to be man(woman) made. In my opinnion there has been well advanced civilization far before that we have thought and an anourmous amount of knowledge including history of really old times has disappeared due the rise of water level after the last iceage.

This brings a question: what had happened in effect of earlier iceages, were there also destroyed high cultures between iceages? -who knows...

Underwater pyramids in Japan and other underwater stuff:

The Atlantis myth has inspired many people around the world and there is a numerous theories about the location. - One of the best ones is Ior Bock's, Finnish pseudohistorian, he locates Atlantis to the southern part of Finland where he claims a small community of people lived during the Ice Age. This is a small part of a large saga that he claims to have been told in his family through the ages, dating back to the development of language itself. Ior also believes that he is a descendant of an ancient Finnish god Lemminkäinen. - Read his saga below.

Bock's Saga
The origins of humans, their languages, natural sexual/procreative systems and practices, accessible powers, heretofore secret knowledge, understanding, wisdom and culture are now rolling out from the Bock Family for the first time into the general public via ALPHERNAS BETEN and BOCK SAGA, following intentions formulated and decisions made 10,019 years ago (as of the year 2003).
The out-rolling of this, the human saga (su=give; ga=receive) begins with declaring and offering the root and single common origin of human communication, i.e. The Ring, the alphabet, the Sound System of ROT (say approximately “root”): ALPHERNAS BETEN.
A main line has been developed and, over time its details expanded, beginning many millions of years before ICE TIME, establishing the lineage from the first BOCK, the first human being, unto the last BOCK, IOR BOCK, this line or continuum of procreation having been central to and responsible for the undertaking and process of populating planet earth by and with humans. This population process began at the old north pole, expanding over millions of years and carefully recording it’s history for future humans to enjoy and appreciate until it was interrupted 50,010,019 years ago (as of July 24, 2003). At that time Earth’s axis of rotation declinated, and the original and long standing breeding and information system suddenly and catastrophically came to an end as ICE TIME abruptly befell this formerly entirely tropical planet.
In the ROT Ring, alphabet, Sound System: ALPHERNAS BETEN, each individual sound is fraught with meaning and integral to an ever-developing network of associations, naturally crystallizing into the logic patterns underlying the various forms of human culture of which we have knowledge today. To engage in the process, one must think, not letter but sound and begin by learning the—our human—root alphabet (cf. audio file).
While we do make use of the written word on this site, it is only, however, in recognition of it’s inability to adequately convey the matter at hand, The Bock Family’s legacy, logically, honestly and truly perhaps the greatest story ever performed and told by the human species upon earth.
N.B. One may encounter on the internet today spurious BOCK SAGA information, and both confused and confusing KELA, that is not logical, honest and true, according to the Sound System. links only to authoritative and authorized web sites.
On behalf of the Bock family and Ior Bock, welcome to It remains our intention to afford, overtime, a comprehensive understanding of (the) Bock Saga that is logical, honest and true.
The following is an exerpt of the preface written by William F. Warren.

"The suggestion that primitive Eden was at the Arctic Pole seems at first sight the most incredible of all wild and willful paradoxes."
-William F. Warren, S.T.D., L.L.DPresident of Boston University, Corporate Member of the American Oriental Society, Author of “Anfansgründe der Logik”, “Einlettung in die Systematische Theologie”, “The True Key to Cosmology and Mythical Geography”
Stockholm, 12.05.2002Bo Olsson
In the deep woodlands of Carelia and Finland there still exists people who keep their old, genuine tradition of folklore and telling stories of ancient or pagan times. This site is established to give a general introduction to the most complete and historical of these traditions, now known as the Bock Saga. By the discovery and recovery of this saga we are now able to reveal a highly genuine, astonishing source of information about the history of humankind.
Due to warfare, foreign conquest and catholic rule this old saga-tradition, telling openly about "heathen times and customs" had to be kept secret to the public eye, since 1248 when Finland was submerged to the catholic Sweden. After a few generations there was nobody keeping the complete story of this tradition, except the two families of Raström and Bockström, at the Manor of Strömsö. Neighboring the old castle of Raseborg in southern Finland both these families were able to keep their traditional obligation, to learn and retell the complete family-saga from generation to generation, throughout the dark middle ages and onward.In 1984 the last carrier of the family obligation, Ior Bock, received the mission to introduce the family's old secret to The Association of Swedish Literature in Helsinki. In 1992 a booklet was published by Positive Foundation called "Bock Saga - Documentation", giving a general outline of the story and pointing out some archeological discoveries that confirmed the history as given by the family saga. The first book was published in 1996 in Finnish, under the title "Bockin Perheen Saaga".

Recent Updates:
There have been amazing discoveries over the last 10 years and the uncovering of astounding archeological evidence has made it clear that the Bock Saga is far more than a random family affair, or a deceptive hoax. By now it is clear, to anyone who cares to see, that the Saga is an incredible, actual and live heredity of the old world-wide tradition of story and history telling. Not only does the Saga shed new and eye-opening light on the origin and growth of the arctic civilization, it also gives a wider view into the ancient roots of humankind.With the discovery and recovery of this Saga we are now able to reveal a highly genuine and often astonishing source of information about our ancient history. On the following pages we aim to communicate this essential information in English, kept in the spirit given on the Bockström Family's old crest of arms, inscribed with "Honesty, Logic and Truth".

This saga is must to read!! ;)

All the litle Indiana Joneses and other adventurers: the world is mysterious and it is waiting to be explored, so get your arses up from the sofa!!!


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