Friday, May 26, 2006

Iceland, my island. - Photographs

My latest pictures. Normally when developing the film only 3 - 4 pictures I like or are nice, if there is more good ones than that then it is a lucky day!! :)
- today was a lucky day, hurraah!

þjórsá river, - the biggest river in Iceland according the amount of water what goes in it

Sýrlækur, Bót island - view with Mt.Hekla

Reykjavík harbour, - digging machine says hello, gimme five!!

Kaffivagninn, Reykjavík harbour

Stokkseyri, harbour pier, - nailed or not

Stokkseyri, harbour pier

Knarrarósviti, shadow people (in the shadow there is "Twisted Sister" band's logo)

Knarrarósviti, the dark year in our history

Knarrarósviti, there it stands


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