Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Neanderthals in Ostrobotnia!

I visited the cite of the Wolfcave excavation, unfortunately it was covered for winter to protection so I couldn't see much what was inside. Luckily I had a small digital camera with me and I manage capture few pictures trought small hole on the fence.
The cave will be opened for further examination this summer but it is not allowed for public to go in. At least it is possible to see it trough metal fence.

interior #01

interior #02

They claim that there was people living as long as 300.000 years ago. Officially, by carbon analyses, they say that at least 130.000 years ago neanderthals were living there.

The Wolfcave is located in a hill, which is more than 100 meters from present sea level. They say that when people were living there the sea level were apr. 90 meters higher than now.

This cave is located in Ostrobotnia / Österbotten (Finland), which is really flat area sanded by previous ice age, before the last ice age the area used to be mountainouss. The ice mass pressed down the ground / plate in fennoscandinavia and the result of that: fennoscandinavia has the highest land rise in the whole world, it is close of 7 mm every year (varies from 1 mm ti 9 mm depending the location).

Wolf cave exhibiton at Pyhävuori / bötomberg, near by the site gives more detailed information. It has an audio-visual presentation of the landscape on life in and around the Wolf cave. It wasn't the best exhibition, but very interesting thou.

If you are visiting österbotten and want to see it contact: Wolf Cave exhibition, Pyhävuori, Open 22.5 - 20.8.2006, Tue-Sun 12-17, Tel. +358 6 2221 803, susiluolanayttely@susiluola.fi

a stone field in Karijoki

- made by ice age, no plants are growing on it because the stones are lacking minerals and therefore they doesn't offer a good base for growing (sand stones) certainrtain kind of moss can survive on them, which grows only a millimeter per 100 years.





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