Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday lightness at Babalu and pictures

It's wednesday evening and I am sitting at Kaffihus Babalu. It is cold out side, + 5, really cold northern wind more or less 15 meters per second and bright sunlight is washing everything with warm ideas. So it is perfect to stay in coffee house and think and drink hot coffee..
Tomorrow is a bank holiday and people seem relaxed and happy. Some are playing baccammon and some are writing poems, or just chat. - I feel like a fly on the cealing when observing people, or like CCTV camera. ;)
Earlier today I went to photoshop (fuji at Skipholt) to develop to film rolls, was nice long walk there. Now it is the matter of how I can wait 2 days before seeing the result. - what I can do about it? - nothing, I guess.
Ah well, meanwhile I can publish some pictures of KaffihĂșs BabalĂș what I have taken recently with Digital wonder camera... ( I prefer old fashion film cameras)...


At 10:46 am, Blogger alkemia said...

great pitcures, I was kinda scared when I saw the one with me licking your shoulder he he:)
hilsen Eva Ice


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