Saturday, July 08, 2006

- A Nasty Morning SurprisE -

This morning 080706 started peacefully under the clear sky but a nasty surprice was hanging on the air. When Thorey and Vala were just about to go bachelour party somewhere in country side with a car they found out that someone has mached the car windows over the night. There were more than 8 cars with similar treatment by some drunken blokes (was in the radio too). Police (lögga) was called and the insidence was reported and the girls got an alternative vechicle to attend the henn festivies.

When something unpleasant happens there always is something good also, in this case beatiful broken class formation to be capture on film. Enjoy!

(ps. i am not trying to be over optimistic) ;)

class fountain

Deep ocean blue sharp land

Universe #1

Shadow rivers

Fagir sphaphires

It was corner

There wasn't yellow - lack of thinking


At 5:44 pm, Blogger toti said...

very nice pictures :)


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