Friday, February 16, 2007

Kristinestad, January

This winter has been strange so far in Finland. The summer was extremely hot and dry in Finland and the autumn was really wet and long.

These pictures are from Kristinestad taken on early January. Normally, there is moderate amount of snow and subsero temperature well before january but not this winter.

Kristinestad's harbour, Dia 100 ASA (organic)

Remainings of old railway. From the clorious days of Kristinestad, now it has been rolled up.

A silhoutte of the west side of the town

East side

Someone is looking at me!!

Pipes at a source of power

The hourbour house / customs

Old shipyard has turned to be a small ghetto called " Varvinmäki".


The sun is going to have a bath at the baltic sea

Someone left a huge tool

The winter turned to be really cold finally in February and the sea got frozen.

According the newspaper last January was unusually warm. Last time when January broke the heat regord was 2002. This year January was 4,5 celsius degrees higher than average. The collected data starts from 1880.

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At 8:30 pm, Blogger Ansku said...

Wow! Oispa taas kiva käydä kanssasi kuvausreissulla kotkaupungissa... Gorgeous work, bro.

At 9:34 am, Blogger Aleksur said...

ciau sis, koska mennään? :)


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