Monday, May 29, 2006

f r u i t c o c t a i l - c i t r u s w e t r u s t - (fruityartifarty)

When thinking of Lemon it brings a funny reaction, the mouth starts producing a liquid. This happens because we remember how sour it is and our bodies start automatically a chemical reaction; the result is that we have mouthful of slime and probably have to spit it out somewhere (preferable into the toilet sink)...

Citrus fruits have a fantastic structure, when the fruit is sliced the fantastic texture opens nicely and imagination might take you in a journey to the fruitlandia or somewhere....... :)

Fruit photo session 07/06/06, Kristinestad

[slime factory experience]

#01 - lemonator

#02 - bloodgrapes at coalition

#03 - bloodgrape, firebird

#04 - ah, lemon, - gin and tonic would be nice with it

#05 - citrus vitrine, sour family 01

#06 - citrus vitrine, sour family 02

#07 - citrus vitrine, sour family 03

#08 - limenators

#09 - citrus vitrine, sour family 04

- other fruits have nice structure also, but personally I like Citrus fruits structure.

# 10 - kiwi, oz, u name it

# 11 - granadeapple, bloodsells

# 12 - passion fruit, a shark mouth

# 12 - passion.., (no comment)

(i have more nice pictures but this blogger program doesn't let me post them, grrrr..)


At 11:38 am, Blogger Queen Vala said...

(a)lemonator. you me lemon eat.

At 12:46 pm, Blogger Queen Vala said...

hei my lovely lemon man. this is banana woman... i miss u. donĀ“t eat apples in finland. i might get jealous. kisses


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