Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vatnajökull - Birdview

I have been flying to and from Iceland several times and I haven't had a change to see Vatnajökull - glacier before without clouds interfering the sensation. Finally my luck changed and I had a clear view 21st of August when flying to Iceland.

I was surpriced about the beaty of it, escpecially the texture of dirt (stone and sand) on the edges of the glacier.

The blue water lakes (beneath) are interesting, they are formed by volcanic activity underneath the glacier or the ice structure / cristalls that could produce water lakes that wont freeze (check latest New Scientist magazine). The colour of water is amazing blue, candy like blue. - made me wanting to eat candies when I saw them ;)

The scientist claims that glaciers are full of life, some "hardcore" bacterias live in clasiers and they produce protein even they are freezed down to -190 degrees of celcius (recent discovery), that information gives more hope to find life from planets that are covered with thick ice and posses hostile climate (to humans). Who knows if there, somewhere, are living some icehumanoids with deep blue eyes or something.... heh... - ah well, I was carried out again with my imagination..


At 2:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

flott abbstactsjón @°¨°@ @°¨°@ @°¨°@ @°¨°@

er ekki fullur, gettu hver ég er

At 12:44 pm, Blogger Ansku said...

Wow, upeaa!


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