Sunday, October 21, 2007

50 degrees celcius

From starting place + 47 Celsius to -3 Celsius, means that I got back from Ghana after travelling close to 20 hours. It is nice to be back in cold climate but the returning came just when my body finally started to take the intense heat. So it is amazing how bodies can change or adapt. The culture shock when coming back to Finland was that here is no people, the streets were empty and none will come to try sell something to you or trying to be your best friend for money..

I have taken incredible amount of pictures, close to 1500 , so I will put up some kind of exhibition out of the best pictures and edit a small video from the 10 hours of video material what I took...

Now is the time to start thinking again the normal life and open bills that the postman has been dropping in through the letter box...

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