Monday, November 19, 2007



It was stimulating to see Russian Experimental Videos and films last weekend. It was curated by Masha Godovannaya, which film was screened too [Masha Godovannaya: Another Place and Yet the Same (2005, 35’)].

She was telling her views of film making, part of her philosophy is that the films don't have to please the audience or others, on contrary, the film maker is doing the film for her or himself.

Sometimes, when I am doing experimental videos I start thinking in some point that how it will be received by others, how it looks for them and will they get what I am trying to say or do they get same ambient out of it..

It is vital to remember to be honest for yourself when doing experimental video, let not the expectations of outside world ruin the proses.

I went to see two programs in this festival: "AVANTOSCOPE 2007 (curated by visual artist Sami van Ingen)" and "Stekliannoe pole — Russian Experimental Films and Videos from 2001 to 2007". The Russian program was really interesting due the fact that the history of making experimental films is relatively short and, therefore, it was feeling somehow so raw and energetic.

During this festival weekend I saw absolutely fantastic Finnish electro band ORGAN, which has released they first and last album in year 1982 Nekrofiilis (Poko). They sounded fantastic, somewhere between Kraftwerk and Icelandic Apparat Organ Quartet, spiced up with ZZtop look, 4 men standing on stage with their brand new Macs and old machines.
The festival weekend was nice and it gave loads of new ideas and energy, Takk!!!!

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