Monday, October 29, 2007

Sally Mann - exhibition

Virginia # 42, 2004

Sally Mann's exhibition at Tennis Palace Art Museum was exiting experience. It was composed with tree series; Immediate Family, Deep South and What Remains. The first shocked in states, which is not surprising considering the demonising of nudity and especially nude children images amongst conservative circles.

This made me think about people in my pictures, I would like to have models to make directed pictures, occasionally, exploring the nudity as well. But I have opposition against nude pictures by my better half so lets see when and how it is possible. ;)

What Remains was nicely disturbing with the touch of the rotten bodies. Seeing the pictures triggered the sense of smell of something not so pleasant, even thou, there wasn't any odour.

Sally Mann is using old fashion photo techniques and her pictures have a dreamlike tone where all the mistakes of developping the images makes the pictures as whole.

This exhibition was encouraging me continue to work with film, at least, keeping the film's uncertainty as part of my experimental photography.
Tennis Palace Art Museum

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At 11:41 am, Blogger Queen Vala said...

hei you! you just haven´t managed to sell me your proposals for nude pictures! i don´t do just anything!! try harder :)


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