Thursday, June 15, 2006

Närpeska versus Islenska / Närpiö dialect vs. Icelandic

Närpeska - íslensk - english - finnish

Kva - hvað (kva) - what - mitä
Hede - hérna (hetna) - that/this - tuo
I kväss - í gærkvöldi - last evening - eilisiltana
i måråst - á morgunn - morning - aamulla
Masierar - gangandi - walking - kävelee
Haschklie - hálsklútur - scarf - kaulaliina
Väit itt - veta ekki - don't know - en tiedä
Stekåt - stuttur; stutt - short - lyhyt
Biid - bíða - wait - odottaa

When old icelanders are speaking, it sounds amazingly similar than Närpes dialect in Finland. I have collected examples above.... both languages are really fashinating...

- i wonder if they have language courses to learn närpeska dialekt??? - does anyone know, let me know....
(would make a great add in my language courses that i have attended - last one was sami language)


At 10:24 am, Anonymous helena said...

There's a couple of cd's on the market where they've turned old hits into Nerpes dialect, the lyrics are to be found on


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