Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Österbotten - autuum pictures

I had a chance to visit finland recently and the nature and air was full of signs, which were telling that the winter is coming. The 22nd of september was the day when the length of day and night are same. For sake of that I took some night pictures equally many than day pictures.

View from a pier at my country home in Bergisviken, Österbotten. - it was so dark that I thought the pictures wont work but the result was surpricingly nice. shutter speed was a couple of minutes.

View from Pyhävuori / Bötomberget (eng. holymountain), Österbotten, Kristinestad. - as you can see the land in Österbotten is really flat, there is only few higher hills (locals call them mountains - no laughing Norwegian and Icelanders!!!)

Moonshine (u cannot drink it) at a pier in Bergisviken. - i had 800ASA film in the camera and the result of it is crainy picture.

Silhoutte of Kristinestad - again 800ASA film is sometimes nice to use, for example, if you take the picture towards a light source then the pic. might get kind of soft and dream like... - or am I just dreaming ;) Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 11, 2006

Trip to Tromsö from Kristinestad 11/08/06

After handing over the exhibition duties to my cousin in Kristinestad, Erik, Torill, Vala and me, were heading towards North in aim to get Tromsö in 24 hours for wedding.
Time was more or less 15:00 when we finally managed to hit the road. The weather was hot 29 degrees of celcius when we started. First stop was in Vaasa / Vasa where we bought new tires for the car and film for my video camera, of course we had a nice icecream in a market square in Vasa.

Due the hot weather and swett we desided to stop for a swim in Kalajoki, where is a fantastic sand beach with dunes and everything... felt like in Sahara... (even thou I haven't been there)

Somewhere after Oulu / Uleåborg we stopped a grill for food because the local Casoline station had just closed the kitchen... the burgers and fries were breatty discusting but fullfilling. That place was called Ii (ii).

We were driving the finnish side of Torneå dalen and the landscape started slowly to get more hilly. Next stop was between Kolari and Muonia in a resting place (see picture above beneath).

Torill is stretsing after many hours of driving...

I was playing with a camera; trying to make some figures out from full moon.

I was driving up til Muonio from Ii, the time when I was driving was the darkest and I have to be really carefull because there was raindeers on the road occationally. In Muonio we had a tasty sandwiches made by the girls earlier, they had put grilled chicken (what we were grilling previous night in open fire) and avocado, I have to say that that sandwich was one of the tastiest sandwiches ever...

From there we came

The border between Finland and Norway is just a line in a map, you don't really feel that you have entered to a another country. Only reminder of Officials presence was a custom houses in both sides of border, which were closed for night.

The fysical evidence of the border was a pile of stones painted yellow with a stick in the middle.

And there we went

When we arrived to Norway the landscape changed, Finland more flat and not so high and sharp mountins and Norway, big mountins with sharp figures..

Close of Tromsö, just have to cross the bridge and we would be in the downtown..

The Tromsö church is guarding by the entrance of the bridge.

Finally, after 16 hours of drinving we were in our destination, Erik and Torill's new home in Mellanvegen. We were having difficulties to find the keys but after hard chearch of 20 minutes the keys were found. Then we had a sandwich, snaps and beer before going to sleep for few hours before the wedding.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Artist at work - Gang signs

One day I found an interesting industrial yard with loads of dumped items. When I was taking a picture of a sofa two yangsters approached me and asked money for taking a picture. One of them was holding a metal tool in threathing way. I answared that I don't have money and if I would have I wouldn't give any in the first place. Then it was OK and then they wanted to put their "gang" tag on the sofa before me taking pictures.

They asked if I could go inside a warehouse with them, which door was open, because they were afraid that someone will come and beat them up or something. I agreed and in we went to check out what was there.

Later they told about they gang; only two blokes are in and they have they own tag. I asked why only two? they said: "it is better to have not too many people 'cos then it is much easier, less hazzle". - which make sense, less people involved less problems (that i had learned too during the years).

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Goodbye Lýsi House - Lýsi the corner stone of Icelanders health

Demolishion of old Lýsi factory in Reykjavik. Destruction can be beatiful [thought of the day]

Little pardadice is closed, time to find new one!

People who don't know what Lýsi is: Lýsi is company / brand which produces fish oil products like codliver oil etc...

Lýsi by night, looks like Lebanon after Israel attacked them (seen on news).. I can just imagine what it would be in reality to have total destruction of my own livinghood... [the second thought of the day]

- hmm, time for conclusion: today I had few thoughts, therefore I am thinking.. and therefore I am [freely borrowed from Descartes]