Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Artist at work - Gang signs

One day I found an interesting industrial yard with loads of dumped items. When I was taking a picture of a sofa two yangsters approached me and asked money for taking a picture. One of them was holding a metal tool in threathing way. I answared that I don't have money and if I would have I wouldn't give any in the first place. Then it was OK and then they wanted to put their "gang" tag on the sofa before me taking pictures.

They asked if I could go inside a warehouse with them, which door was open, because they were afraid that someone will come and beat them up or something. I agreed and in we went to check out what was there.

Later they told about they gang; only two blokes are in and they have they own tag. I asked why only two? they said: "it is better to have not too many people 'cos then it is much easier, less hazzle". - which make sense, less people involved less problems (that i had learned too during the years).

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At 2:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kommenttini lipsahti Lysin jälkeen! Kurkkaapa sieltä! En viitsi kijoitella joka päivän kohdalle samoja juttuja. Tämä juttu muuten tuoksuu kalanmaksaöljylle! EJ


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