Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Österbotten - autuum pictures

I had a chance to visit finland recently and the nature and air was full of signs, which were telling that the winter is coming. The 22nd of september was the day when the length of day and night are same. For sake of that I took some night pictures equally many than day pictures.

View from a pier at my country home in Bergisviken, Österbotten. - it was so dark that I thought the pictures wont work but the result was surpricingly nice. shutter speed was a couple of minutes.

View from Pyhävuori / Bötomberget (eng. holymountain), Österbotten, Kristinestad. - as you can see the land in Österbotten is really flat, there is only few higher hills (locals call them mountains - no laughing Norwegian and Icelanders!!!)

Moonshine (u cannot drink it) at a pier in Bergisviken. - i had 800ASA film in the camera and the result of it is crainy picture.

Silhoutte of Kristinestad - again 800ASA film is sometimes nice to use, for example, if you take the picture towards a light source then the pic. might get kind of soft and dream like... - or am I just dreaming ;) Posted by Picasa


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