Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pictures from Tromsö, Norway, August

Norway is always really pictorious, the mountains are my favourite (of course because I am from a flatland). Film camera pics.... - and a big thank for Norske folke for hospitality and great time!!!

My lucky number, Downing St in London, commandments, birthday... etc..

ah well, this picture for refrence to religious things mentioned above ( this picture looks like an angry god guarding his regime or something, Tromsö church, class painting )

- couldn't deside the positioning, therefore I took 2 pictures of same direction... you choose which is postioned better.. pls. comments..

A photographer at work - couldn't be a better topic to shoot, for me or him?? ;)


At 9:40 am, Blogger Queen Vala said...

hellú. i think the upper one of the two pics is a bit better... why? donno. luv.V


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