Monday, November 13, 2006

The Shaman Girl's Prayer

Few years ago when I was living in London I visited Tate Modern - Contemporay Art Museum once a while. Especially, when something was bothering me or I didn't feel the best, I went there alone....

There I used to sit on a bench in a room where they were showing Mariko Mori's: The Shaman girl's prayer, video installation. The images and sounds had a huge impact for me and always after seeing it I was feeling much better.

One day I had a shock!! It wasn't there anymore. They had changed the main exhibition.... even thou, the absense of the Mariko's film I managed to enjoy the new exhibition, including Olafur Eliasson's; Your Double-Lighthouse Projection, which was really interesting. - Working with a white light...

Why I suddenly remembered this stuff... maybe due the thing what happened resently (post beneath explains), I'd gone to see The Shaman Girls's Prayer, if still dwelling by the river Thames.... [ooh, salt and vinegar crisps, hmmm]


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