Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Night Pictures 28th of Sept - Blackout Night

28th of September Reykjavik and surrounding town shut down their street lights for a half an hour. It was part of starting seremony of a Film festival. The aim was that due the darkness the night sky and stars would be more visible but unfortunately there was too much clouds that stars didn't blink. (all pics are 100 ASA dia film 35 mm)

Shiny happy Shell casoline station

Heavenly gas station with heavenly prices

the clock was then 23:23 and temperature 11 celcius - nice timing

A view towards Kopavogur - even thou the street lights were shut down there was loads of lighted buildings. This picture is taken after they turned on the street lights again.

landing airplane

Selfpotrait #01

Selfpotrait #02

Perlan's shadow people or.. ghosts?


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