Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10th of October - Trip

Yesterday I had a pleasure to add one number more in my life time counter. I selebrated that by driving to country side with my better half after relaxing moments in a hotpot (hot water pool with masaging water streams, 38 - 40 degrees of celcius). We were listening Finnish Tango, which is really romantic and had melancolic tone, that suited perfectly the rainy weather. - tango music is fantastic, makes you sentimental and high spirited...

The colours of autuumn were still strong, the wind hasn't blown the colourfull leafs from bushes yet at Thingvellir:

From Thingvellir we took a road 52, that we haven't tried before, it was curvy and small and it was leading for deserted wilderness.....

We saw some proud Icelandic sheeps, and they were so proud that when we wanted to talk with them they just turned their arses towards us and started running away..

When we wanted to take pictures of them, they turned to be really shy, especially that sheep on the bushes. Ah well, I think that we wouldn't do a fortune by taking pictures of sheeps in the first place.. ;)

The weather was rainy and grey, but that didn't matter when feeling the lack of human presence and their influence for landscape.

This place is called Tröllháls, in english: Trolls trouth. We stopped there and said hello to nature and possible trolls there. ;) - we didn't see any, thou!

After few minutes wandering around the wind started to get stronger and the rain drops were making nice sounds on our jackets. - it was the time to leave that hill alone to be undisturbed.

On the way to Borgarfjordur the wind got really strong and the rain was floating on the roads... but the finnish tango kept us high spirited all the way back to Reykjavik...



At 9:43 am, Blogger Queen Vala said...

uff. it was cold! damn those colors were amazing... crazy! when do we start learning finnish tango? u only got 2 years now to dirtyfive... maybe get a headstart?

At 10:54 am, Anonymous anna danska said...

happy one more number to the life counter! beautiful pictures... beautiful Vala :)
sounds like a fun day.

At 10:08 pm, Blogger toti said...

very nice pics fron þingvellir. and vala too...
congradulations!! we'll have celebrations when all this non-alcohol nonsense is over ;)

At 11:13 pm, Blogger early said...

Wow you take beautiful pictures Alexi!!! I´d love to see you and Vala dance tango and happy birthday the other day. Erla (clueless)


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